Stick Wax

As per F3125 (A325/F1852 & A490/F2280) you may use a stick wax or beeswax, in the field to re-lubricate HEX HEAD BOLTS ONLY!!! The stick wax shown below is an example of an acceptable stick or beeswax that may be used on hex head bolts to re-lubricate by the end user. To re-lubricate a hex head bolt in the field, drag the stick or beeswax down the length of the bolt’s threads. Stick and Beeswax is available in your local hardware store. 

Only the manufacture of the Tension Control (TC Bolt) may re-lubricate a twist off bolt. The reason that twist-off bolts may not be re-lubricated in the field is that the lubrication used on twist-off bolts is designed to overcome a specific friction factor (K value) of that assembly.


MSDS: Castrol Industrial Stick Wax

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